Amanda Knox (feature documentary)


“‘People love monsters,’  says Amanda Knox, in Netflix’s much-hyped account of her trial for the murder of her British roommate. ‘When they get the chance, they want to see them.’

The 29-year-old remains chillingly inscrutable throughout the film, adding an unnerving ambivalence to what is in many ways a straightforward revisiting of an already widely-reported case, and its lurid aftermath. You don’t know whether to sympathise with Knox or recoil from her.”

“With the benefit of a decade of hindsight, Netflix’s more polished overviewAmanda Knox approaches the story with a clear head, a clear conscience and – like 90% of contemporary documentaries – an abundance of crystal-clear drone camerawork. Interviewing most of the key players at length, the film lays the blame for Knox’s false conviction at the twin doors of media hype and moral self-righteousness. Knox, it seems, spent four years in prison largely for a failure to grieve in quite the way that various middle-aged men would have liked.”

Ain’t Easy Being Green (feature documentary)

In 2006, I hit the campaign trail with Carl Romanelli, the Green Party candidate who sought to become the next US Senator from Pennsylvania. In this feature length documentary, viewers witness how Democrats and Republicans have fixed the political system to make it incredibly difficult for third party candidates to achieve ballot access. After playing at film festivals and then being sold through Amazon for years, I made Ain’t Easy Being Green available for free on YouTube in 2012, when Rick Santorum, who is prominently featured in the film, became a leading candidate for the GOP’s presidential nomination.

Duet (award-winning short music documentary)

In 2007, I directed a film that asked the question: Do street musicians perform for love or for money?

The Morning After (short comedy)

The Morning After is a 12 minute comedy that I co-wrote and directed that explores the realities of “hooking up” in college…

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