Financial Times: Many articles here

Fast Company: How New Nonprofits Are Thinking Like Startups To Tap Internet-Powered Giving

Narratively: The Night I Got Trapped In Abkhazia

Narratively: How I Almost Lost Your Mother

Fast Company: Why Your Startup Shouldn’t Hire A PR Firm and Secrets To Hiring Amazing Interns.

Narratively: The Intact-Ivists (also syndicated by Salon here)

Narratively: The Last Peeps and some bonus material from my peep show feature

The Atlantic: Many articles here

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Newsday: Good luck climbing this pay wall (and this one too)…

New York Post: ‘Scrub’way Station Letter Plan Upgrade / Fake It & We’ll Take It

Orange Magazine: This Is Cyberwar

Editor & Publisher: Shoptalk: Nonprofit Newspapers Hurt Journalism

FinanceAsia: Going Global

International Business Times/IBTraveler: A First Glimpse of the New Georgia

TabTimes: Publification hopes to take a bite out of Amazon, Apple, and Google

The Traveling Yeti: Zaza the Watchdog, Zaza the Sage

Philadelphia Inquirer (travel section): Great sofas of the world

Boston Globe (travel section): Destination enough: riding across Canada

Al Jazeera English: The Netherlands decides its fate and Little expected from Mubarak visit

Mother Jones Magazine: My author page with compiled clips

San Francisco Public Press: Craigslist founder rejects link between site, crimes

Blogging for the European Journalism Centre Climate Change Initiative

My now classic interview with Dan Savage for The Daily Pennsylvanian on Rick Santorum and more

34th Street Magazine: Two author pages…here and here. My three most interesting feature articles are about a chicken wing-eating competition, a quirky Green Party candidate, and a professor who revitalized ancient beers for popular consumption.

In early 2009, I noticed a lack of quality journalism about demographics issues and the 2010 Census, so I created, the non-partisan watchdog of the 2010 United States Census. By providing jobs to 1.4 million people (with a $15 billion budget), the 2010 Census employed the largest civilian workforce in American history.

Though the site has always been 100% editorially independent, I received a generous journalism fellowship from the Phillips Foundation to support my work from 2009-2010. was frequently cited by other media sources as an authoritative body of information surrounding the 2010 Census. The folks over at Wikipedia were kind enough to give MyTwoCensus a page of its own.

The archive: I wrote more than 1,000 posts, which make up the great majority of the site’s editorial content pieces syndicated on


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