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  1. I had see your complete video of the Philadelphia NBP incident before, but lost track of it among the countless edited versions posted to You tube,

    Only today did I read this page:

    And I have to say that you sound like a stand-up guy, someone who puts truth first. You have my respect for that. Not that y respect is particularly meaningful Good luck!

  2. How are you doing. My name is Chris Alvarado and i am a student at Eastern High School. My environmental science class is doing a research project on economics and ethics. With this being said i would like to ask you a couple of questions about your company.
    1. What are Burger Kings consumption habits and what is their environmental impact?
    2. What is the air emissions for Burger King?
    3. How much waste do you dispose of and how much does Burger King recycle?
    4. What is Burger Kings power consumption?
    5. Does Burger King dispose of hazardous waste products? such as (heavy metals,volatile organic compounds, and petroleum)
    6. What is Burger Kings water use?
    7. How much materials are consumed? such as (metals, wood, food, etc.)
    please contact me as soon as possible with the answers to these questions. Thank you.

  3. Was wondering if anyone knows what ultimately happened to Dwight Dean from the Detroit Census Bureau office. Last thing I saw was from 2011 in Detroit Press but nothing since.

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