AMANDA KNOX film Emmy nomination (2017)
Documentary produced by Oxford MBA alumnus receives Emmy nomination (University of Oxford)
Oxford MBA Receives Emmy Nomination for Amanda Knox Documentary (MetroMBA)
How Business School Helped Amanda Knox Producer Earn an Emmy Nomination (ClearAdmit)
This Penn Alum Now Has An Emmy Nomination On His Resume (34th Street Magazine)

Wilders director Stephen Robert Morse on politics, perfection and picking winners (Broadcast Now)
The Film Sales Company heads to Sheffield with ‘Wilders (Screen Daily)
American documentary aims to show Wilders as a normal person (Volkskrant)
The Dutch Donald Trump could be the Netherlands’ next Prime Minister (Salon)
Wilders’ turning point came in Cairo (Trouw)
SRM on RTL Late Night talking WILDERS documentary (YouTube)
Sheffield Doc/Fest Review: WILDERS (Backseat Mafia)

AMANDA KNOX film (2016)
Terribly wronged, or a devil with an angel face? Inside Netflix’s ‘sympathetic’ Amanda Knox documentary (The Telegraph)
Judge not: how Netflix produced the definitive Amanda Knox film (The Guardian)
‘Amanda Knox’: Film Review | TIFF 2016 (The Hollywood Reporter)
10 Best Movies of the 2016 Toronto Film Festival (Variety)
Amanda Knox review – slick documentary excels with unprecedented access (The Guardian)
Netflix’s provocative Amanda Knox documentary challenges our grisly obsession with true crime – review (The Telegraph)
Toronto Film Review: ‘Amanda Knox’ (Variety)
‘Amanda Knox’ Netflix Documentary Trailers: ‘Believe Her’ Or ‘Suspect Her’ (Deadline)
Netflix to Bow Amanda Knox Doc, Films From Leonardo DiCaprio, Werner Herzog at Toronto Festival (Variety)

Skillbridge (2013-2015)
Skillbridge Is Racing To Become The Freelance Consultants’ Marketplace (PandoDaily)
The Most Sought After Job Applicants (Kansas City Journal Star)
Tired Of Hustling As A Freelancer? These Companies Will Find Gigs For You… For Free! (Forbes)

Job Hunting? Dig Up Those Old SAT Scores (Wall Street Journal)
MBAs Turn To Short-Term Matchmaking Sites To Get Ahead In Consulting (
Marathon Cancelled (Canadian Broadcasting Corporation)
New York City Marathon Presses On Despite Backlash (New York Times)

The business of journalism (2012)
New funding models for journalism provoke either delight or dismay (The Guardian)
Does Nonprofit Journalism Avoid Critical Coverage of Funders? (Nonprofit Quarterly)
Does the Texas Tribune’s non-profit funding model hurt journalists? (Poynter)
Can Matter Succeed? (Reuters)

Lightbox (2011)
Interview with Stephen Robert Morse from Lightbox (

MyTwoCensus (2010)
Guy On Internet Will Destroy the Census With FOIA Bombs (Wonkette)
Additional press mentions are HERE

Mother Jones (2009)
Articles are HERE

The New Black Panthers Incident (2008)
Civil Rights Commission May Target DOJ Over New Black Panthers (The Washington Independent)
Poll Watcher To New Black Panther Party Videographer: ‘Don’t F**k Up The Story’ (TPM)
The Black Panther Case: A Legacy of Politicized Hiring (Main Justice)
PWD People of the Year: Stephen Morse (Philadelphia Weekly) Two Scoops (Philadelphia Inquirer)


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